Style No.: PTBQ155





This Bouquet® by Max Strauss pendant is an impeccably engineered setting of a single diamond encircled by nine others, creating the unmistakable look of a single brilliant-cut diamond up to three times the carat weight. The sparkle of a Bouquet® by Max Strauss piece is unlike any other.

This pendant has the “LOOK” of 1 x 0.30 ct diamond, 1 x 0.50ct diamond and 1 x 0.75ct diamond.


Bouquet "LOOK"
  • 1.55ct TW (1 x 0.30ct "look" setting, 1 x 0.50ct "look" setting, 1 x 0.75ct "look" setting)

Actual Diamond Tot. Ct. Wt.
  • 0.53 TW

  • 14Kt. White Gold

  • Included

Diamond Cut
  • Round Brilliant Cut

Diamond Quality
  • GH/SI

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