• 1789


    In 1789, Georg Carl Backes began work as a goldsmith in Hanau, Germany. With a commitment to only working with the highest quality gold and diamonds and dedicated to building a reputation of trust and reliability, Georg’s business soon flourished.

  • Early 1800s

    Timeline London


    In the early 1800s, Georg’s success gave him the opportunity to send his eldest son, Johann Franz, to England to open a London office. Following Georg’s death, Johann continued the business in London. And the business continued to grow. The catalogue for London’s Great Exhibition of 1851 devoted two full pages to illustrations of Johann’s creative jewellery designs.

    Soon after, Johann’s two sons, Charles and William, joined the company and, in 1856, they hired an office boy named Max Strauss.

    A fast learner with a passion for diamond jewellery, in just 15 years, Max rose through the ranks, first as an agent, then as manager of the company. In 1873, the company began trading as Backes & Strauss.

    Max’s leadership took the business around the world, first to the Continent, then North Africa and across the British Empire.

  • 1870


    The company opened its first office in Toronto until 1931. After a hiatus of 48 years, it was reopened by Adom Knadjian in August 1989 with the help of his brother Vartkess, who was instrumental in reintroducing this prestigious brand to the Canadian market. We currently work with some Canadian retailers whose ancestors were clients of Backes & Strauss in 1920’s.

  • 2004


    To honour the legacy of Max Strauss, in 2004, Backes & Strauss (Canada) Inc., now known as B & S (Canada) Inc., introduced the Max Strauss Signature Collection of exquisitely crafted, fine-quality jewellery.

  • Today


    Today, B&S (Canada) Inc. continues to be family-owned and enjoys a reputation of reliability and trust throughout the Canadian jewellery industry as a leading purveyor of timeless diamond jewellery.

    You can find the Max Strauss Signature Collection in many fine jewellery retailers across Canada.


The Max Strauss Signature Collection

An Award-Winning Collection Of Fine Diamond Jewellery

Winner of the 2013 Award of Excellence as the Product Line of the Year, presented by Canadian Jeweller Magazine, the Max Strauss Signature Collection offers you fine jewellery of uncommon quality, exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design.

An Opportunity to Celebrate All of Life’s Moments

Engagements, weddings, anniversaries and a lifetime together, all can be celebrated with a Max Strauss Signature Collection design.

An Unwavering Commitment To Quality

Every Max Strauss diamond is responsibly-sourced and selected for its unique qualities and appeal. Each piece in the collection is crafted to the highest standards of styling and workmanship. Only then can it take its place in the Max Strauss Signature Collection.